Beauty Therapy  and Contemporary Alternative Therapies

4 Years, Bachelor of Science 


The four-year programme in Beauty Therapy and Contemporary Alternative Therapies is offered in Limassol, it has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and accredited by the State Authority of Cyprus, the Council of Educational Evaluation- Accreditation


Purposes – Targets of the programme

The purpose of the programme is to provide students with high quality training at degree level for the establishment of professional beauty therapists capable to apply correctly and effectively the scientific knowledge and technical skills they learnt, in order to offer quality services to meet the market demands.


Targets of the programme are:

• To upgrade students’ knowledge and practical training to a degree level, in order to offer high level, quality services in beauty therapy.

• To provide students with high level training for the development of their skills to competently offer high level quality services

• To provide learning for the techniques, methods and technology and for the correct use of cosmetic products.

• To offer students the required knowledge and training to comprehend the holistic principles and to be able to apply special aesthetic treatments competently and safely.

• To provide the knowledge to students to successfully organize and administer the beauty salon with effective management and communication in a professional manner.

• To equip students with the required learning in order to become successful professionals, to maintain good professional relations and to continue their lifelong training and/or continue with further studies.


Duration of the Programme

The duration of the programme is four academic years of eight semesters