Professional Make- Up (2 Years, Diploma)

The two-year programmes in Professional Make-Up is offered in Limassol and Nicosia, they have been aproved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and accredited by the State Authority of Cyprus, the Council of Educational Evaluation- Accreditation.  

Purposes- Targets of the programmes:

In order to become a professional Make- up artist must possess special technical abilities.


This programme intends to offer to students a quality education in Professional Make-up with high level theoretical knowledge and practical skills to provide them with many opportunities for a successful career as Professional Make-Up Artists.


It includes make up for the theater, cinema, video, TV, photography, fashion and special effects. 


The targets of the programme are to provide:

  • quality education to the students for the special aspects of professional make-up and special effects in order to possess the necessary knowledge and special skills for offering quality and contemporary services in professional make- up
  • the possibility to competently develop and apply contemporary techniques and methods with the use of cosmetic products and other materials in the respective specialised sectors of make- up.
  • The ability to develop creativeness and design and to understand the possibilities of contemporary professional practice in the field of make- up. .
  • The understanding of existence of different, historical, cultural, and commercial framework in which the contemporary and creative professional make- up artists work.
  • The possession of high level technical skills to be able to competently satisfy the market demands in a competitive environment and to succeed as professional make- up artists.

Duration of the programme

The duration of the programme is two academic years of four semesters