The attendance at the college is five days a week. There may be classes in the morning, afternoon and/ or evening.

Attendance is obligatory in all the subjects taught. The students are encouraged to regularly and punctually attend classes and participate in all scheduled theoretical and practical subjects.

The regular attendance is considered very important for good performance in tests, theoretical examinations and practical training. If a student is absent from a class must communicate and inform the school the soonest possible and upon return must present a confirmation by the guardian, justifying the absence.

Absence due to illness should also be reported to the college and an official medical confirmation by a doctor should be presented. Absenteeism beyond the permissible number by the internal regulations of the college may result in exclusion from examinations,  reference to a next examination period or it may result in academic failure.

The transfer of a student in an accredited programme of study is only permitted from an accredited programme, offered in Cyprus or abroad.