The students must fully comply with the rules and regulations of the college. They must show good character and proper behaviour in class and in the other places of the college, to respect each other and respect and obey to the management, the teachers/ trainers, the administrative and other personnel of the college and to actively show interest for their studies, to follow and conform with hygiene and safety regulations and in general, to comply with the regulations and instructions as set by the college.

The college reserves the right to impose any reasonable punishment to any student and reserve the right to suspend and/or dismiss any student from the school for insubordination to the rules and regulations of the college, for unsatisfactory academic performance in class or in examinations, frequent or unjustified absences, improper and indecent behaviour, lack of honesty, for disciplinary problems, not compliance to their financial obligations or for any other reason, in order to maintain a satisfactory standard of education and training and good behaviour in compliance to the regulations of the college.

The college reserves the right to demand from any student or group of students, payment for damages inflicted on college property.