The fees for every academic year are prepaid. Upon a special agreement, the fees may be paid in monthly instalments (not applicable for overseas students) as follows:

a) Upon registration, the registration fee and the down payment is paid.

b) The balance of the fees is paid in 8 equal instalments, from 1st until 5th of each month - starting from October and ending in May.

The total amount of fees includes the registration fees, beauty items and cosmetic products used during the practical training in beauty therapy. Upon registration the students undertake the responsibility and accept to pay in full the total amount of fees for their course/ programme of study.

Not compliance of the students to their financial obligations would automatically result in a complete loss of their rights at the college (i.e. participation in classes and examinations, information on grades, awards of titles of study etc).

The amount of fees paid by the students is the same irrespective of the date of registration. If a student is registered after the 1st of October, should also pay the fees of previous months.

Any pre/registration fees, deposits, tuition and/or other fees and dues are not refundable. The college has the right to demand the payment of the balance of any fees or dues in case a student leaves college or is suspended/ dismissed from the college for any reason.

The fees are approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.