Message from the Director of Studies

Thank you for your interest in Beauty Therapy, Professional Make Up and for Susini College and I hope you will enjoy looking through our Prospectus. If you need more information please contact us, we would be happy to hear from you.

Our aim is to provide quality education and training in Beauty Therapy and Professional Make Up. Since founded in 1982, we have built a good reputation for our high standards. Our purpose is not simply to offer training courses but to also help you succeed in your professional career.

I believe that you can become excellent beauty therapists and make up artists when you learn from others who are devoted to quality and high standards. From your initial contact and your participation in classes later on, you will discover that we want what is best for you. High academic achievements, enjoyable learning and people who care.

Our specialisation and long experience in training in the field of beauty therapy and make up, the accreditation of our programmes by the Μinistry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, guarantee that you will have the best.

Phanie Antoniadou-Poupoutsi
Director of Studies


Message from the Director General

Susini College is committed to providing high standard professional training in Beauty Therapy and Professional Make Up.

Beauty Therapy and Make Up are contemporary and social professions. The main factor of success in these fields is quality at the College we ensure that quality is provided and there is evidence for it:

  • The Accreditation of our Programmes of study by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus
  • The Specialisation and long Experience in teaching Beauty Therapy and Make Up
  • The suitable Lecture rooms, the fully equipped Workshops and the latest technology Equipment.
  • The qualified and experienced Teaching/ Training personnel and the Professional Scientific Associates in Beauty therapy, Make Up, Medicine and other relevant professions
  • The High Standard programmes, designed according to the European Training requirments
  • The cooperation with European Educational Institutions and International Professional Bodies
  • The students' high rate of Success in external international Examinations
  • The acceptance of our Graduates as Members of International Professional Associations
  • The continuous demand of our graduates from Beauty salons, Health and Beauty centres, Spa Centers, Hotel Spa, Medical Esthetic Centers, Beauty and Complimentay Therapies centers, Cosmetic companies, Gyms and Slimming centers and other businesses in the Beauty Industry
  • Our Graduates' success, working as Professionals in their own Beauty salons and Make Up studios

I can assure you that if you choose our College for your studies you will be offered the knowledge and acquire the skills to practice successfully as a Professional Beauty Therapist or Make Up Artist.

Kyriacos J. Poupoutsis